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At BrandBuilders we custom tailor our methods for every-client. Our strategies are bespoke, tested, and proven to work to increase social awareness, exposure, and followings/connections.  
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Our Growth Specialists utilize the most popular social features (liking & following) across the most popular social networks to save you time and money on advertising while simultaneously growing your account in the most efficient and effective way possible.

On average our customers experience 300-500 new connections each month. 
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Let's be honest, are you really a 'social media expert'? Even if you are, wouldn't you rather save & spend your time doing other things like
  • Relaxing over a nice glass of wine...
  • Spending more time with family and friends
  •  Taking care of your health & getting more exercise
  •  or even, traveling the world
100% Organic
Since our Growth Specialists take a ground-up approach by first identifying your ideal audience you can rest assured the Linkedin connections we find for you, are far from fake and won't spam you.
Real people, real interests
Because we introduce your brand to 15,000+ people per-month we know those who choose to follow you are people who truly care about your brand.
Your very own Growth Specialist
Don't worry, instead of paying an average of $50k/year for someone to manage/grow your accounts - our plans are extremely affordable! We also work to continuously optimize your accounts to ensure best possible results.
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Why waste your time trying to "become an expert" or sell yourself short on "discount websites" when we can help you:
  •  Grow your network of connections & following.
  • Reach a whole new audience.
  •  Get the social awareness you deserve.
  •  Convert followers into customers.
How Does Our LinkedIn Growth Service Work?
Our Simple 3-Step Approach
We identify your target audience
Through extensive research (aided with the information you provide us) our team creates a custom target audience for your accounts based on who we believe you’re trying to reach. 

This ensures that the people you connect with will be most likely to engage with you, and stay loyal as we grow your brand name over the years.

Keep Posting Awesome Content
While we could charge thousands of dollars to research and post content for you, our goal is to provide an extremely affordable and valuable service.

So while we’ll never post content or actively converse with your followers/connections on your behalf we will provide you with training on how to maximize the effectiveness of your audiences reach. The more, and better your content is the more it will amplify our growth efforts.
Watch your brand grow.
After determining EXACTLY which type of audience will be interested in you and your brand,  we work to engage with them so they become aware of You. Just sit back and watch the magic happen.
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Unless you prefer going down the alternative path and would rather put yourself through:
  •  Trying to get more connections, followers, and social awareness.
  • Having to "become an expert" on every-platform to make it work
  •  Having to understand the "social landscape" to know what to do
  • Paying LinkedIn an average of $4.50 (CPC) to get awareness.
Every 15-Seconds...
Someone thinks it's a good idea to Buy LinkedIn Connections
This is why you don't buy followers or connections on LinkedIn

      Is it a Good Idea to Buy LinkedIn Followers?

      Sometimes people think the solution to their social awareness issues are to just go out and "buy" LinkedIn followers, or to "buy" LinkedIn connections. The reality of the matter is that, this is completley pointless. The whole idea of using LinkedIn is to connect with other business professionals to establish or identify mutually beneficial business opportunities.

      Needless to say, anyone whose used the platform knows this to be true with all the updates, and features now available not just on LinkedIn but on LinkedIn premium as well. The platform is essentially becoming not just a great place to "be discovered" or instead of having to "buy" LinkedIn followers or "buy" LinkedIN Connections - if you do things right, you won't have to!

      Over the next few moments I'll share with you some alternatives that don't require you to buy real LinkedIn followers & connections - because let's face it, chances these 'real connections / followers' are not for sale.

      Should You Buy LinkedIn Connections?

      Absolutely not. Just don't do it. If you want to get more LinkedIn connections there are plenty of ways to do that, and I'll share a few with you below. If you want to get more LinkedIn followers, there are also plenty of ways to do that as well; and I'll also share a few tactics below.

      Let's first start off with an aproach to: Get More LinkedIn Connections.

      Regardless of what type of business you have, or industry you serve - one thing is universal. VALUE. What type of value are you providing to theperson whom you're aiming to connect with, or have follow you?

      I recently attended a VC event down in Santa Clara to hear one VC's story of how he came to manage the US division of a $1.3B fund. In his own words, he said: 

      "The thing you need to think about is, how can I add value to this person's life? We're all busy, and people simply don't make time for things they don't perceive as important. So, with that being said - how can you go about delivering value to whoever it is that YOU'RE trying to connect with or do business with."     

      This one understanding alone is enough to dispel any confusion in how to get connections on LinkedIn that will actually care about who you are, when you message, and the content you post - it's not just about having connections, or followers any way- it's about having a community of people and a NETWORK of individuals whom you can tap into whenever needed.

     How to Get More LinkedIn Connections and Followers (Organically)

    So LinkedIn is becoming a hot platform for business professionals and you want to figure out how to increase LinkedIn Followers on your account. Understandably, the main question you have to ask yourself is, not: how to get more followers on LinkedIn - but what are these followers worth to me?

    For instance, some may think that the more followers the better. This common misconception couldn't be farther from the truth. And, especially on a platform like LinkedIn having an absurdly large following with little or no enagement may lead people to believe that that following was created through suspicious or fraudulent methods.

    Whether or not that is true, is not as important as if people believe it to be so. People often confuse their "needs" and "wants" in this same modality of thinking. People think they "need" a new iPhone X, or iPhone 8, or iPhone8 Plus - but the reality of the matter is: this is far from a need, and more so a "want" that has become a 'craving' as the result of incredible marketing by Apple.

    When it comes to building out your connections and followers on LinkedIn you need to think about it as you might any other social platform and understand the underlying fundamentals of what do you actually NEED to build an audience of followers, or new connections.

    Let's go over a few of these things now:

    #1 Great visually remarkable content - one of my favorites is by #AskAllen - check out his videos!

    #2 VALUE-driven message, what is your content all about? Is it blatant self-promotion, or is it educational/entertaining content your audience is more likely to resonate with that will simultaneously help you establish your brand presence in a indirect way?

    #3 How much time/effort is it going to take to achieve your goals? Understanding your impact over effort is quite critical when deciding which social platform to use, and especially if you're going to dive into using LinkedIn to try and get more followers and connections, you'll want to determine how long things will take for, say:

    Content Creation, Scheduling of Content, Connecting and interacting with new connections, Building relationships with new followers, Interacting with those in your segment who are unaware of you, or your company and a plethora of other things...

    The reality of the matter is, things don't have to be hard or difficult to achieve what you want, all you have to do is Get Started by clicking the button below and BrandBuilders will work with you to foster the new relationships, connections, and followers we both know you want.

    So what are you waiting for?

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